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Welcome to itswhatweare.com, the website about placing Principle 1st in your thought world.

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Dr. Pugh may be contacted at:

BSD Books & Music
P.O. Box 231333
Las Vegas, Nevada 89105

(424) 204-5264


 Rita Pugh, Ph.D.
Founder of BSD Books & Music

About The Author

Dr. Rita is the writer and founder of the Beyond Seeming Duality Books Music CD Radio and Media projects, and is author lecturer and profound influential instructor in spiritual/metaphysics. Her special approach to the teachings of "One Power" is concerned with the absence of a second force acting on or against us beyond seeming duality. It is the awareness of who and what we really are as spiritual beings and how it relates to our daily living consciously in the physical world, that is what is of most importance to her.

Dr. Rita successfully completed her undergraduate and graduate studies at Iowa State University. She then moved on to her graduate work at California State University, which led to the successful completion of her PHD in Public Administration. Dr. Rita also has her doctorate of Divinity and has written over 30 books on the BSD subject.She is currently moving on to complete her 31st book regarding the beyond seeming duality series, currently which 5 of her books are in publication.
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